Attention Nerds – An Electric Guitar AND a Classic Game Boy All in One

WOW – Is This the Revenge of the Nerds…?

(Watch the video below)
Ok, we might not all be nerds, but we all more or less know about this classic Game Boy from way back when. But one thing we most likely do have in common is the love for electric guitars, but actually combining those two is crazy, but probably very funny none the less.

This thing actually plays both as an electric guitar and as an oversized Game Boy – Check this out for yourself…

“Okay, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen all week. If you love gaming, and you love guitars, you’re gonna swoon over this rad combination of the two. And hey, if you don’t care for either, I still think this will make your day.

This new species of instrument is called Guitar Boy (aww), and it’s the brainchild of Fibbef, an administrator of BitFixGaming boards. He completed it on September 13 for the BitFix Gaming 2015 Game Boy Classic build-off. In case you were wondering, Guitar Boy is a working electric guitar and also a working oversized Game Boy (what!), and gamers will notice that the design of the Game Boy resembles the classic from like, a bajillion years ago (except this one has a gorgeous 5-inch LCD display screen)….

What do you think of the design of Guitar Boy? Let us know in the comments below.”


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Enjoy this somewhat weird video


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