(VIDEO) Amazing Electric Guitar – This is a Brand New Fusion Guitar

World’s first Smart Electric Guitar with Built-in Speakers, Amp, Recording, and iPhone integration

This new Fusion electric guitar is either way too advanced for you, or just the right type, either way this Fusion guitar is very cool.

I know that most of you are probably more into a real wooden old-school electric guitar, but imagine the possibilities this guitar brings along. You can litterally play anywhere you like. This has both a built-in speaker, amp, recording studio and Iphone integraton. It is built with high quality components, and is suitable for the beginner as well as the professional guitar player.

It truly is amazing, as well as it is a little overwhelming… anyway please do enjoy this great video below








“Got a question we may not have answered above? Have a look below…we might have answered it.

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Will the guitar work with Android and other devices?

The Fusion Guitar is designed to only work with iOS at this stage.  We have focussed on iOS because the best guitar apps have been designed specifically for this platform.  Guitar apps have only recently been produced which work on Android and many of the best apps are still unavailable on that platform.  As more apps become available on Android we look forward to developing instruments for that platform.

I don’t have an iPhone what’s my cheapest option to get up and running with a Fusion Guitar?

Your cheapest option is to get an iPod Touch Gen 5 these are available new for around US$160 and much less than that used on eBay.

Which devices are currently compatible with the Fusion Guitar?

The Fusion Guitar is compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, 5, 5S, and iPod Touch Gen 5.

Are there other guitars like this available?

As far as we are aware this is the first of its kind, there is no other instrument currently on the market which has iPhone integration plus a built in amp, speakers and battery power pack.

Does the Fusion Guitar have a Warranty?

Yes, the Fusion Guitar will come with a minimum of 1 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.  Fusion Guitars warrants that the product will be replaced or repaired if defects have occurred in the product during this period.  This warranty will not affect the consumer rights of individual countries.

Who is the Fusion Guitar designed for?

The Fusion Guitar is an ideal instrument for everyone from a complete beginner to a professional player.  If this is your first guitar and you’re starting to learn it is everything you need in one product plus the on-line and app based tuition built into the guitar makes learning fast and fun.  It’s also great as an everyday guitar for the hobbyist who wants improved convenience; no cables, no clutter, can be played anywhere and again great for learning.  For the professional the advantages are an electric guitar which can capture inspiration whenever it strikes and which can accompany you wherever you go; warming up backstage, on the tour bus, in the hotel.

Is the Fusion Guitar future proofed against new iPhone designs?

Yes, the Fusion Guitar’s interchangeable docks allows it to be compatible with future iPhone models.  We will release new docks to suit iPhone 7 and iPod Touch Gen6, Gen7 etc. shortly after the devices are launched.  The iPhone 6S is not anticipated to include external changes to its design, if the 6S has external changes we will incorporate those into the iPhone 6/6S dock which will be delivered with your guitar. The earliest anticipated new dock designs will be available in late 2016/2017 when Apple releases the iPhone 7 and iPod Touch Gen 6.  The lightning connector on the guitar can also be easily removed and replaced if the connector becomes damaged or if future iPhones have a different type of connector.

Do the effects pedals and amps on the guitar apps sound authentic?

They sound incredible, we have built this guitar because they sound so good.  There are YouTube videos of people comparing the sounds produced by the apps to the sounds of the actual hardware amps and effects and it’s’ almost impossible to tell the difference.  For example checkout what people say about Bias by Positive Grid on YouTube.

Will a guitar with a polymer composite body sound any good?

The Fusion Guitar sounds awesome.  The maple neck extends through the body and the bridge is attached to this neck/body extension, this give the instrument the exact tone of a traditional electric guitar.  This method of construction also give the guitar great sustain, even better than a fixed neck or bolt on neck guitar. Additionally we have not compromised on the pickups, which are responsible for generating a large portion of the guitar’s tone.  If you have any doubts about how good the Fusion Guitar sounds check out these sound samples.

Which apps work with the Fusion Guitar?

Almost all currently available apps will work with the Fusion Guitar including any app that works with a guitar interface like the Jamup Plug, iRig, Apogee Jam etc.

Any guitar app multi-effects processors with amp & FX modeling will work; JamUp, Bias, Amplitube, Ampkit, ToneStack etc.

All tuition apps; Yousician, Guitar Pro, Guitar Master Class, GuitarToolkit, Jammit etc.

Recording and song creation apps; GarageBand, Studiomini etc.

How much do the Apps cost? Are any provided with the guitar?

How are the Apps used if you don’t have a Fusion Guitar?

How secure is the phone in the guitar dock?

Can the guitar work with a normal guitar amp?

Can the guitar work without an iPhone docked?

How is the guitar powered?

How loud is the guitar?

How much playing time will the guitar have between charges?

How does the tuning mechanism work?

Is it easy to put on new strings?

Can an incoming message or phone call interrupt me while I’m playing?

Can I change or cancel my perk?

How much is shipping and handling?”


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