“The Red Cable” Best or Bust…?

Something stirring in the cable world…

A supposedly new cable has seen the light of day, and it is said to revolutionize the way we play the guitar, or at least improve the sound we get out of it. The ‘Red Cable’ is created with the latest nanotechnology, enabling the guitarist to produce a better and stronger tone etc.

You can read an excerpt from their website here:

“This special nano-technological cable will not replace your current cables because you simply insert the female/male plugged Mad Professor RED cable™ after your current instrument cable and you will notice immediately a stronger signal with faster transients and much better balance.”

Read the rest here

Now, this ‘Red Cable’ has made quite a stir in the community, and hard arguments are flying around. Is it genius or is it bust…?

Watch the following videos below – and please enlighten us with your insight on this matter… 🙂

Video 1/2 – Short explanation

Video 2/2 – Comments from 3 guitar players

You can find more info here at their website: mpamp.com

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