(VIDEO) That’s How You Get Foo Fighters to Play in Your Town

1000 People Made This Tribute Song To Foo Fighters – See What Happend…

When you really really want your favorite rock band to come and play in your home town, what do you do to get their attention?

The answer: You work for about a year to gather 1000 fans to come over from around the world and play this amazing tribute song to your band hoping they will see it, and even more importantly, that they think that what you all accomplished was so god damn amazing that you just have to come over and make a concert for your fans. And that is exactly what happend for the little Italian town of Cesena.

Just sit back an enjoy this one… oh, be sure to watch what Dave Grohl (from the Foo Fighters) had to say in return… next video

Dave Grohls respond…

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