(VIDEO) Wicked Gibson Robot Guitar – Is this Just too Much?

This Must be The Most Advanced Electric Guitar Out There…

I really like technology it can do so much for is in our everyday lives, but when it comes to guitars I just might be a little old fashioned, this Gibson Robot Guitar just might be over the top for me.



If you look at it, it is an amazing guitar… very smooth and great looking, and from a guitar players point of view it might just be that extra thing that makes playing guitar that more fun.

If you can just push a button, strum you guitar and a few seconds later your guitar is tuned to open E tune, or DADGAD tuning or one of the several others built into the system then I’m sure that’s a great relief if you do not have to mess around with different tunes guitars just to be able to play a song tuned differently.

What do you think…?

Is this fancy Gibson Robot Guitar too slick for you or are you totally into using high tech with your guitar…?

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Enjoy this cool video below.

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