Weirdest Looking Cool Guitar :-)

This ‘No Wood’ Guitar is Amazing

This weird looking guitar is like a merger between a flute and a guitar. There is no wood anywhere in the guitar and no fretboard either. One would wonder if it could actually play, but it is really awesome and it plays very well.

The Gittler Guitar is manufactured entirely of 6AL-4V aircraft grade Titanium and is a real head turner when played on stage.

Watch these videos below and let us know what you think 🙂

Video 1 – 6:19 – Gittler Guitar Demo

Video 2 – 35:00 – The Ultimate Gittler Guitar Review and Demo by Bob Gomez

Video 3 – 7:33 – Gittler Guitar in Depth – History, Production & Demo!

You can see more here at their website:

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