Build Your Own Electric Guitar 1959 Style – FREE DIY Plans Included

Guitar Builders Wanted…

Back in the day (the fifties) when The Strat and Les Paul where carving the path to electric guitar stardom, building guitars on your own where something you did.

Now, some 60 + years later, the DIY plans for building a 1950s electric guitar have emerged and you can have them for free.

If you have any experience with building you own guitar, please share a photo with the rest of us here… we would appreciate that a lot, and if building a 1950 style guitar is something you would consider doing, read the article below, and you are well on your way.



“In our quest to discover and compile all the great DIY musical instrument plans of the last 150 years, we stumbled across these great electric guitar plans from 1959.

Like many how-to articles from this era, the article is somewhat vague in carving and building techniques and instead puts most of its weight into the diagrams with measurements.”

Read the rest of the article here

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