Classic Concerto with Electric Guitar?

The best from two worlds

Most people love the soothing sounds and melodies we know from classical music. So evergreen and pure, and filled with emotion and sometimes fairytale like sensations. These exact emotions and feelings are something we, electric guitar fans, also experience when we listen to outstanding music where the electric guitar is the main instrument in the band, and now the two worlds of musical experiences have been put together for an altogether new and awesome experience, a Concerto for Electric Guitar.

You would probably not think that classical musicians, with centuries of iconic figures like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven behind them, shaping and influencing the way classical music has developed, would welcome the more modern and rough sounding electric guitar into their realm of old dusty tones, but you are wrong here.

Welcoming the electric guitar into the ensemble of old instruments suddenly opens up a whole new world of opportunities, bringing a new and modern flavor to the old and established crowd. The classical musicians suddenly had to listen for a whole new, and almost unknown sound, when the electric guitar started to fill the air with crispy, soft and somewhat sharp tones of pleasure.

Take a look at the video below, and listen to the musical mix of pleasure here!

D.J. Sparr and JoAnn Falletta record Glacier (Concerto for Electric Guitar) with the London Symphony Orchestra. from Kenneth Fuchs on Vimeo.