Awesome Video – Building the Fender Guitar in the 1950s

Rare and exclusive video from the Fender production

This is truly a one-of-a-kind video. This old vintage video from about 1959 gives us all a glimpse into the world of Fender Guitars from way back when. It is like taken out of a good ol’ American movie, where men where men, and they went to work without shirts on when it was warm!

Even back in the late ’50s Fender was an established guitar brand, and at that time they employed about 100 people, producing what we today consider classic vintage guitars. A great and solid craftsmanship that still works today.

Notice in the video below at 5:56 we get to meet Abigail Ybarra, a true ‘Fender Girl’ whom I just wrote an article about. She just retired from Fender a few years back after 57 years of dedicated service.
You can see Abigail Ybarra in the picture below from the late 1950s

You can read the article I wrote on Abigail here:  dedication-perfection-57-years-hand-winding-pickups-fender/


Have a look at the video clip below for some fantastic rare footage of the Fender guitar factory from the late 1950s.

Shot inside Fender’s original Fullerton, California home in 1959 according to the uploader, film restoration company CinePost. It’s a unique look into the early days of the iconic American guitar makers, and even features shots of Leo Fender, Freddie Taveres and Abigail Yabarra

The 8mm film also highlights the majority of work being carried out by hand and at times with some questionable health and safety measures.

Some say, “They don’t make them like this anymore”, well in Fender’s defence, they probably wouldn’t even be allowed too.

— Read the rest of the article here —

Please enjoy this video below 🙂


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