(VIDEO) Watch Skrillex Work The Electric Guitar

Skrillex Jams With The String Cheese Incident

At the yearly Electric Forest festival The String Cheese Incident attends every year, and this year they got company on stage by the well performing Skrillex.

Not only did Skrillex jamout some pretty nice melodic melodies, he also joined in on the vocals, pumping up the audience, and giving with the rest of the band, all the festival guests an experinces that really rocked.

Go ahead and enjoy this…

Skrillex has become known for both his headlining shows and surprise performances that often go unannounced. For the fan it involves being in the right place at the right time, but there’s never a guarantee of seeing Sonny throw down an exclusive set.

This year he hopped on stage with guitar in tow alongside The String CheeseIncident, a renowned jam band which headlines the mystical forest festival every year. He proceeds to pluck out some funky melodies in tandem with the rest of the band, and even jumps on the microphone a bit to hype the crowd.

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