VIDEO: This Clip-On Speaker Amp is Awesome :-)

So Simple and it Works Great

When practicing your guitar skills it can sometimes be a hassle to rig it all together with amps. cables etc. when all you really want to do is practice for a few minutes, but you still would like the rich and full sound of being plugged in. The answer to that problem could be the awesome clip-on amp. from DelSonix.

The clip-on amp turns your electric guitar, or bass guitar’s, unplugged numb sound up by about 12db, so that you as the player can enjoy a much richer sound when all you do is practice your skills… without all the gear etc.


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“Like most guitarists, I enjoy hanging out with (and playing) an electric guitar when I’m watching TV on the couch, toiling away at work (hey, this is Guitar World), changing lightbulbs in the basement, etc.

Even though an amp would make my guitar (usually a Tele these days) sound better—and louder, of course—it can be a pain to grab one, plug it in, re-situate myself on the couch, etc.

Which is why a new item by a Canadian company called DelSonix is pretty interesting. It’s a clip-on speaker that can boost an electric guitar’s raw sound.”

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Watch this Awesome Clip-On Amp in Action below!

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