Soldier Plays The National Anthem on Electric Guitar during Muslim ‘Call to Prayer’

This soldier Sure has Some Nerve…

Being a soldier in Afghanistan sure has its challenges, but blasting The National Anthem into open air during the Muslim ‘Call to Prayer’ that almost increases threat levels in the area!

Is it stupid, disrespectful and an unnecessary provocation or is this just a case of a ‘Freedom Fighter’ exercising his rights? You be the judge of that… Never the less, this soldier got a lot of attention…

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You can watch the video below the article…

“You’ll LOVE what this American hero just did!

We love acts of patriotism… and some say they’re even better when performed in foreign countries during Muslim prayer rituals.

That’s exactly what happened when a soldier stationed in Afghanistan decided to interrupt the time of day in which Muslims were bowing towards Mecca and praising Allah with an epic rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

We’re not sure when the video was taken, precisely, but it was posted to YouTube in December of 2012. Comments associated with the video said that the unnamed solder played the national anthem during “Muslim prayer time,” though that could not be confirmed.

What can be confirmed, however, by watching through the end of the video, is that the song was played during the morning’s raising of the American flag.

We don’t know this soldier’s name but if we did, we’d sure like to thank him for such a stunning display. As would most of the over 750,000 people who have watched the video on YouTube, undoubtedly.”

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