3 Very Cool Teuffel Guitars

The Coolest Guitars Ever…

I just wanted to share something with you, very quick…

I just came across these three very cool Teuffel guitars, and I must admit that I have seen some pretty cool guitars in my time, but these three are very nice. Not only are they really a work of art, they are also a great way to show, that high end guitars do not have to be called Fender or Gibson, but can be made, with detailed perfection and quality, by smaller brands.


The three guitars presented in the video below are called: Niwa, Tesla and Birdfish.

The detail is awesome and even the flight case that comes with the guitar is of a very good quality. It even has it own set of tools.

You can see more of Teuffel’s awesome guitars at: teuffel.com

Do enjoy this video – and please share your thoughts about these with the rest of us… 🙂

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