Dedication to Perfection: 57 Years Hand-Winding Pickups at Fender

57 Years of Dedication (VIDEO)

Fender has been around for quite a long time now, but so has Abigail Ybarra… 57 years to be exact.

I am not even 57 years old, and I have had several jobs in my time, so going to work at the same place for 57 years undoubtedly means you really love what you do.

Abigail, or “The Queen of Tone” as she is also referred to, has been making pick-ups for Fender guitars since 1956, and she has gotten very good at it over the years. So good that her work must have ended up in the hands of some of our times greatest guitar icons over the years.


Abigail retired in 2013 and even her new apprentice had to work three years in her apprenticeship before being good enough to continue after Abigail.

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Today we’d like you to meet a very special lady of the guitar world. Her name is Abigail Ybarra, and she used to work in Fender for 57 years, hand-winding pickups that ended up on instruments of quite a few all-time titans.

She came to the company way back in 1956, and her pickups were soon included in the company’s most popular models.

It is very likely that Abigail’s work found its way to the hands of such icons as Jimi Hendrix, EricClapton, Jeff Beck and many more.

Ybarra’s successor is Josefina Campos, who spent three years apprenticing under Abby in order to master the pickup-winding technique.

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You can watch the Queen of Tone in action below.

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