Is this the Biggest Guitar Store in the World?

From a guitar player’s point of view, or any musician’s for that matter, House of Guitars in Rochester, US must be like returning home.

Located in Irondequoit, a suburb to Rochester, House of Guitars is probably not a fancy, big city guitar store like some of the other established brands we know, never the less, it is one of the largest music stores in the world, boasting about 20.000 guitars alongside keyboards, vinyl records recording gear, drums etc. stacked from the floor to the ceiling.

“This, to many, little-known guitar store does mark it’s presence in the musical community, having celebrity guests like Metallica, Aerosmith, Ozzie Osborne, Cheap trick, Geddy Lee, Pantera, Motley Crue, and Matthew Sweet.

The front of the store facing Titus Avenue has all the electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars as well as drums, keyboards, and amplifiers. The rear section, where one enters from a back door near Grange Place carries the music collection with CDs, vinyl, DVDs, t-shirts, and more.

On the upper floors, there are drums and keyboards. It’s also where the in-house repair shop, Robinson Kustom Repair, is located.

The store also has their own music school with daily music lessons on all different types of musical instruments. A stage, located in the guitar department, hosts live, free shows almost every weekend supporting both national touring acts and local bands.”

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Watch this great House of Guitars 1978 TV commercial below: