Video: Do You Know the Loog Guitar?

A Great Beginner Guitar…?

A lot of things can be said when it comes to learning guitar, but easy it not one of those things. When you first start out, should you start out with a ‘normal’ full sized guitar, even if you are a kid, and struggle with that huge instrument, or should you start out with a miniature model, like the Loog Guitar?


I’m sure that the Loog Guitar is funny and all that, but an actual guitar it is probably not (my opinion).

Check out the video below and let me know if you’re hooked… 🙂

“Tiny, unique, and fun to play, the three-string Loog Electric Guitar offers the essentials perfect for any beginner guitarist, and even for the seasoned guitarist looking for a great little instrument to play with. The gorgeous lucite version mirrors the Dan Armstrong Ampeg Lucite electrics of the ‘70s, but Loog makes a variety of electric guitars in other finishes as well as acoustic models for beginners of all kinds.

With the belief that if a child builds something, they’ll care about it more, Loog ships their little electric guitars disassembled in a box for the player to put together themselves. It isn’t hard, but it lends itself to a sense of accomplishment and knowledge of the instrument you’ll be playing. The Loog Electric Guitar comes with six strings, giving you the chance to choose how you string the instrument.”

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