WOW – 18 String Gibson Monster :-)

What Was Gibson Thinking… ?

Back in the good ‘ol days, not all that long ago, where guitar manufactures where looking for the next big Djent, Gibson made that bold move and created the 18 string (harp) Explorer Electric Guitar.

It goes without saying, that this guitar is not for the average ‘guitar Joe’, and what kind of music would you play with this 18 stringed paperweight?
It looks more like an attempt to create a buzz rather than to create a useful instrument… what do you think?


The Explorer has a very long Humbucker pickup, and a set of ’68 pots and you can actually acquire the instrument here if you so happen to have an extra $10.000 laying around somewhere… 🙂


Here at ElectricGuitarBuzz we would really like to know if anyone has any experience playing this instrument… Please share what you think 🙂

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